Determine Leadership Growth Areas

In consultation with the coach, the leader selects 1-2 specific behaviors that are important for his/her leadership growth. Behavioral interviews and multi-rater leadership assessments are used to determine the aforementioned focus.

Leading Change Involving Stakeholders

The leader selects a handful of stakeholders; managers, direct reports and peers. Throughout the coaching program, the leader involves these stakeholders in the leadership growth process. This creates accountability for the leader as well as the stakeholders.

Measure Leadership Growth

The coach checks in with the stakeholders to measure the stakeholders' perceptions on how they see the leader’s effectiveness has been changing in the growth areas. This progress review is reported back to the leader and sponsor.


Efficient Process

Most executives need practical on-the-job learning rather than more intellectual leadership training. Marshall Goldsmith's acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Coaching process quickly identifies tipping point behaviors and leverages a clear process enabling leadership growth to become embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job.

Result Guarantee

Executives are busy people, time is their most valuable resource. Investing in coaching only makes sense if there is a guaranteed return on that investment. Stakeholder Centered Coaching guarantees results. Our coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth.

95% of the 11,000 business leaders who have been through our coaching process measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness.


Take Your Career To The Next Level

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